People Are Posting Rescue Dog Stories In Response To This Viral Post About An Abandoned Dog (30 Stories)

Sometimes it takes just a single person to reveal how many good deeds the people around us have done. One person just like that is Megan Burris whose story about Walter the rescue dog went viral in a flash, and inspired others to share their own tales of rescuing dogs from shelters.

To brighten up your week and to bring a smile to your face, here are the very best responses to Megan asking others to share their own rescue dog stories. So scroll down, upvote your favorites, and write us a comment with your thoughts. When you’re done reading through this list and going ‘awww’ at pictures of adorable doggos, have a read through Bored Panda’s story about how an animal shelter helped a dog who couldn’t even move due to its extremely matted fur.

Megan shared the story of how she rescued Walter the dog

I found my girl Bella (estimated to be 13yo) abandoned in a secluded beach toilet block in the middle of winter. She was terrified. 10 days later she became part of the family. I had 18 amazing months with my sweet girl, before her cancer got the better of her. She was my first ever dog as an adult & she’ll always have a special place in my heart


She was found in one of the toughest neighbourhoods in Istanbul for being a stray. When she came to us she was basically afraid of everything. Noises, doorbell, our 2 very suspicious cats and most heartbreakingly, us. She cornered herself in the entrance and the street door and it took 3 days to convince her to come to the living room, another 3 months to come to the couch to sit with us and another 3 months to walk in the streets without freaking out every 5 minutes. now, now is a totally different story 🙂 she is the master of this house, cats are her most loyal subjects and we are her humble servants to give her belly rubs 24/7. she is playful, social, giving kisses to strangers, basically adorable^^. she is the best thing ever happened to us.we love you, dear Çamur


My sweet disabled pup Peakin was thrown from a moving car into the swamp behind my house they didn’t slow down. Few months later i met someone who knew in detail what this sweet baby went through. The disgusting humans tried drowning her breaking her neck an she was even sexually abused before all that happened. They ended up in jail over something not sure what but i do know it’ll be years before they see the light of day again. I make sure to spoil this pup an make sure she lives her best life. She has trust issues with men and children an i dont blame her

Megan’s post about how she and her loved one rescued Walter the dog received more than 10,000 likes on Facebook, got more than 700 comments (and counting). The story was also reshared on Facebook 264 times.


Uschi was dumped at a local kill shelter at 4 months old. She is 4 years old now and never leaves my side!


We love Walter’s story!!! Thank you for saving him and making him part of your family. We adopted our Xander from a shelter – he was found as a stray, infested with heart worms, and completely defeated in spirit. He’s still leery of some strangers and occasionally counter surfs but he has come SUCH a long way. We are endlessly proud of and thankful for our sweet boy


Percy was dumped at a shelter because he was “too aggressive” I adopted him in May 2019, and since then he’s lost 25lbs (per vet recommendation) and has become my best friend and running partner for life. I just finished knitting him a hat and scarf for his first midwestern winter!

Plenty of the comments were about people sharing their own stories of how they adopted a dog from a shelter. It just goes to show that a heartwarming story about a doggo finding its forever home will almost always get a huge response from the internet. What’s more, there are plenty of people on planet Earth who care about desperate and neglected animals! And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Maya is my senior rescue. She was abandoned to the streets of Las Vegas, digging through trash and fighting off other stray dogs. When she was caught, they called her owners (she was chipped) and they simply said ‘Keep her. We got a puppy.’ It took me 2 months to get her to show any sign of affection. Any time I’d try to pet her, she’d cower or scatter away. Now, she’s a princess and she knows it


My first “rescue” would be this little one. Her name is june. We were walking down the street and someone threw her out of a car window. She was VERY thin, had 3 open wounds on her and was super timid but sweet. We took her in immediately and took her to the vet! 4 months later that 11 pound dog is now 50 pounds, eats all the food she wants and is HAPPY again!


Beautiful boy. So happy there are people like you. Our baby came malnourished and abandoned. When I picked her up to foster her she was diagnosed with rickets and was terrified of everything. Today she is a happy healthy pupper who made me a foster failure. No way I was letting her go. She is perfection.

According to Megan, Walter was found “dumped miles up a dirt road near the Canadian border,” with the word ‘free’ spray-painted on his body. It took three months of care and attention for Walter to finally calm down enough to sleep next to his new owners. Ever since then, he’s become happier with each passing day.


A friend came over and told me about this puppy that was being horribly abused. We immediately went to the house and took her. The owner said it was fine and when he came near she peed on me and was shaking. I was so angry. After a bath and a change of clothes we went to McDonalds for her first mcdouble. She still has a fear of men wearing hats but she is the biggest cuddle bug. She has saved me more than I ever saved her. My Harlequin


Timber (the husky) came to us from the pound, he was severely underweight, was an escape artist and we were constantly chasing him around the neighborhood because he would find ways out of our yard. He wasnt potty trained at all and I’m pretty sure he had been on the streets for a long time if not most of his life. He had absolutely zero manners. We have had him now for 7 years he had professional intervention (trainer) and he became a PTSD service dog and now he is a big brother to jenny my wheaten puppy!


Buddy was dumped at a local park and had been on his own for a good while. He was underweight and his nails were worn to nothing. Someone had pepper sprayed him. I picked this sweet boy up on this past Christmas Day. He is the smartest and most loving and loyal boy! Best Christmas gift I could ever ask for

Wide Open Pets explains that rescuing a dog can be very rewarding. However, new owners can have some issues with their new pets because of the years of possible neglect. For example, rescue dogs can turn aggressive when in the presence of food, believing it might get taken away.


Here is our darling boy, Party Steve – a stray beach dog from Thailand who had had an owner as a puppy but had been left behind when they left the island. He roamed the beaches for 2 years before we, on a whim, travelled to Thailand – he truly chose us and despite never having a proper home, he is the softest, most gentle dog. He loves a soft bed, a pillow and a cuddle and you can do all sorts to him without even a hint of aggression/agitation – pick him up, jump on the back of a moped with him, take food literally out his mouth… Nothing. He is happiest when sleeping or sat leaning against you. We adore him Rescues reciprocate love ten fold, don’t they? Thank you for saving your boy xx


Got this sweet baby from a family on Craigslist saying he was free because he exhibited aggressive behavior. They said they felt like he should be put down which didn’t make sense considering he was 10 weeks old at the time. He tried to steal food from a baby sitting on the floor and his puppy teeth pierced her thin baby skin. Idiots, their loss was my gain tho


Aww, my boy was terrified when I adopted him (he was 4yrs old at the time). He was afraid of toys. Afraid of me. Of sounds. Didn’t trust sleeping near me. Constantly paced around the house with anxiety, like one of us were going to harm him in some kind of way. Surprisingly, he had great house manners. In the 3 years I have had him, he has not once urinated indoors. Doesn’t mess with things that he knows are not his. He is a lot better now, but he is still a nervous dog. Still doesn’t trust my dad 100 percent, even after all this time (he bit and nipped my father several times). He is still terrified of new places. If he has a bad experience, he won’t do that thing again for a long time. Right now, he refuses to walk around the neighborhood because of 4th of July fireworks. Will walk to my car and sit. He loves rides. But I cannot persuade him to walk beyond my car. His name is Buddha.

What’s more, these dogs are likely to have irrational fears that may have something to do with how they were treated by their previous owners. Training, lots of love and some positive reinforcement can all help the doggos deal with their phobias. Some rescue dogs are also a handful when it comes to teaching them not to go to the bathroom anywhere they want. They might also act destructively when anxious and or bored. That’s why we’re glad there are so many people like Megan out there who have the patience and willpower to aid dogs that are in clear need of a helping paw.


This silly, snuggly, loving girl was found in a trash bag in a ditch in a rural town with her litter mates and was taken to a local shelter. A rescue group took her in to foster her and I adopted her soon after.


We got Selene from a facebook add and her previous owner wanted to rehome her or she was going to the pound. When we got her she was skinny and has no muscle at all. She peed if u moved to fast or tried to pet her and she was scared of everything. The only command she knew was “cage”. Her old owners sister told us they used to slam her head into the floor and beat her. She has scars on her face Her first few months were ruff trying to teach her things but today she listens to us perfectly and is so happy and loving and honestly a completely different dog. She loves unconditionally


Gracie was found laying down, in the dark, in the middle of a busy road. Someone stopped and got our human society involved. She was brought to the clinic that I worked at. She weighed 16lbs. A fully grown border collie. You could see every single bone in her body. She didn’t have enough muscle strength to stand up. She had to be carried outside everyday to pee because she was unable to walk herself. It took 4 days of constant small meals for her to get enough energy to stand on her own. With major food aggression issues, dog aggression issues, fear of people and a long road to recovery, the humane society deemed her unadoptable and elected her for euthanasia. My boss, the owner of the clinic, said no. She said the clinic would oversee her recovery and find her a home from there. A week later, I brought her home. That was seven years ago. She is now a healthy, happy collie. She still does not like other dogs, but otherwise has settled into her life so well. She’s such a good dog. Thank you for sharing Walter’s story. I am so glad he found you!!!


Found in the desert in a cage with no food or water. Was with a rescue for over a year because the one on the left would try to bite people.. fast forward two years and they are loving happy beautiful dogs


This is Duke. We were told that his Mom showed up in Tennessee – heavily pregnant and gave birth soon after arriving. People left the puppies in the barn and Mom went back and forth (from the house to the barn) to care for them. Duke was terrified of everything and anything when we 1st met him. Within 5 minutes of us adopting him and getting him to our house, he did a “death roll” and broke out of his harness and lived out in the woods for over 24 hours. Duke was eventually caught in a have a heart trap and is now realizing that he likes sleeping in a bed, lounging on the couch and getting all sorts of love and attention are pretty cool things !

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In a freezing rain in November of 2011, a neighbor placed a box with 8 puppies in a ditch behind our homes. I rehomed 6, my ex kept 1 girl, I kept 1 boy. I was having a hard time then. HE… RESCUED… ME. Half Pit, half Border Collie. All angel.


Coca was rescued from Romania and found what she thought was her forever home, they dumped her back in the shelter less than a month after adopting her. In order to give her back to the charity who rescued her, they lied about her behaviour which made her unsuitable for adoption. They said she was out of control with guarding issues (she is very territorial but has made HUGE improvements with us so not out of control at all), apparently bad with children and dogs too which she’s the complete opposite. She came to us very nervous and very skinny, but now she’s super spoiled and has learned how to be a dog again!


My rescue pup. She (4 weeks old) was in a box thrown out of a truck. She was found with a sibling, elderly couple adopted him and were adopted by her


6 months ago she was 1 day away from being euthanized at a high-kill shelter. Now millie’s the happiest dog on the planet


Luna! I found her in the middle of the road one night, collar nearly embedded, skinny, cold, and covered in scratches and scars. I brought her in, gave her a bath, some food, and a bed. Took her the next morning to be scanned for a microchip. Posted her in my local pages. Nothing. Here we are a year and a half later and she the best house cow!!! Just so loving and forgiving. Thank you for saving a life


This is my rescue Peanut. I used to work at a mental health clinic and one of our clients left a box of 10 puppies at our door. They were so newborn that they didn’t have their eyes open yet. My coworkers and I took all of them home. Some took 2 some took one. She will be 5 in December and is my bestfriend. She is beyond loved. Although it was sad how she & her siblings were dumped I understood that the client knew they would be going into good homes. I am also thankful that she never felt or knew abuse.


These are my two rescue dogs. Jeter, left, was with his sister Lexi in a trailer park. They enforced a strict weight limit for dogs of 20 pounds and they were each 23 and had to go and were dumped at the shelter. Witten’s story is much sadder. Witten was left in a crate to starve and die. When I got him from the shelter (after they had been feeding him and nursing him back to health) he was all ribs and bones. It took us the better part of two years to get him to go to the bathroom outside consistently and realize that going to the bathroom on himself was not okay. He’s terrified of flashlights and sudden movements and loud noises. Both dogs have made tremendous growth in both trust and anxiety levels. They’re the most grateful, snuggly, loving dogs now that they know they’re loved and spoiled and won’t be going anywhere


When i lived in another town further south I used to take walks a lot and for 4 months I kept seeing this red colored dog running around. One night, I went to Wendy’s with my husband and my sister and this dog was outside the restaurant trying to eat from a dumpster. After about 20 minutes of trying to lure him into the car with chicken nuggets, he chose me to get close enough to pick him up and put him in my car. Well, we got him home and put posters up everywhere trying to find his owners. I was determined to find his family because the first couple of days he was spraying my house like a mad man. Well, no one claimed him so we reluctantly decided to keep him until we could find a home for him. 4 or 5 months later I get a call from his “mom” saying that I had Buddy. It was her dog while she lived in my town. They left him with friends because they were moving. Well, that sealed the deal for us to keep him and he’s been with us ever since. The funny thing about our relationship is that he’s the first dog to ever choose ME as his favorite and I try to never let him regret it


Lola was left tied up outside of a rental when the tenant left… Lemon was abandoned in the woods… love these babes.


Both rescues, one was abandoned at 2-3 weeks in a box and raised by foster parent until we got him at 12 weeks. The other was found covered w scabies in Mexico as a puppy. He was rescued by a local org, then transferred to a Los Angeles rescue where they continued to treat him. He spent 2 months in isolation while he healed. We got him at six months. Both are the best bois

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