Hulu now allows downloads for offline mobile viewing


You can now enjoy Hulu from the comfort of your own phone.

Though Hulu has been around for years, it hasnt allowed users to download content to mobile devices using the platform. The streamer announced on Tuesday that it will finally rectify the issue after years of lagging behind competitors.

A download feature is now available for Hulu customers who subscribe to the $11.99 commercial-free tier of the service,Variety reports. Ad-supported subscriptions will not be eligible for the feature.Download is only available on Apple devices for now, but Hulu promises to expand to Android soon.

The move is notable for Hulu because the platform has fallen behind other prominent streaming services in this area. Netflix and Amazon have allowed mobile downloads across iOS and Android devices for years. Disney+ will have the feature upon launch.

Hulu says it had planned to roll out offline viewing back in 2017, but other issues, such as its live television component, took priority. The company has not released an exhaustive list of what will be available for download, but says it will include the vast majority of its streaming titles.

Customers will be able to download up to 25 titles across five devices. These downloads remain available for up to 30 days or two days after the user starts payback.

Users will now see a Downloads tab at the bottom of their screen, and content can be downloaded via WiFi or cellular connection.

This move comes only months after Disney set up a deal to control 100% of Hulu in the near future.

H/T Variety

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